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WineNOT – June 29th: National Camera Day

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June 29th:       Camera Day

Camera Day is best celebrated with pictures!  Pictures are invaluable memories of our lives and of the world.  They tell stories.  Our memories and stories are captured by a camera.  With digital technology, using a camera has never been easier.  Cameras are now built into cell phones, so you always have a camera with you, ready to record the moments of your life.


To many people, a camera is a vital tool to record important events in the family and in the world. It captures the moment… forever.  It creates the memories that we share and look back upon.  From the birth of a baby, to high school graduations, people take pictures at a fast click. Year after year, the camera records family vacations, holidays and Christmas.  The camera takes pictures of good times, and occasionally bad time.


Who’s Your Daddy?  George Eastman is the “Father of Photography”.  He didn’t invent photography, but he made many photographic inventions, and created the mass production that brought cameras into everyday use by millions, if not billions of people.  His most famous slogan “You take the picture, we do the rest.”


You Can Make a Camera – and it won’t cost anything!  It’s a great project for school, as a scout project, or just for fun.   It’s the “Pinhole Camera”.


While a shoebox is infamous for storing pictures, it can also be converted into a camera.  Take a shoebox and poke a pinhole in the middle of one end.  Cover the pinhole with a piece of black tape.  In a completely dark room, place a large piece of unexposed film on the inside of the end opposite the pinhole.  Re-close the cover of the shoebox.  Now, take a picture in a snap!


Celebrate Camera Day today in a memorable way… use your digital camera and click the day away!


Which wine to drink on June 29th

Before you pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, why not study the bottle from which it came for just a minute.  Now wouldn’t that bottle make an interesting subject to photograph?  To be sure, there are professional photographers who shoot wine bottles (with a camera, that is!)  And it’s absolutely necessary to take provocative pictures of the wine bottles in order to promote and sell the wine.


Have you ever thought about – or actually tried – to take amazing pictures of wine bottles?  Okay, well have you always secretly wanted to?  That’s good enough for us!  So on this Camera Day our gift to you are these 10 tips on how to photograph wine bottles:


Give it a shot – get it?  Then give us your shot!  Who knows… you may find it posted on our Facebook page!


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Taste, dine & stay!

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